Chemical reaction and use of lithium hydroxide

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Lithium hydroxide is a white monoclinic fine crystal. It tastes very spicy. Strongly alkaline. It easily absorbs carbon dioxide and water in the air, but its absorption capacity is slightly lower than NaOH and KOH. Lithium hydroxide has the property of a base, and the following reaction can occur.
1. Alkaline reaction.
The purple litmus test solution can be changed to blue, and the leuco phenolphthalein test solution turns red. Experiments have shown that the concentrate can denature phenolphthalein and change the solution from red to colorless (similar to concentrated NaOH).
2. Neutralize with acid.
HCl + LiOH = LiCl + H2O.
3. React with acidic oxides.
2LiOH+CO2=Li2CO3+H2O (this reaction is used to absorb carbon dioxide in aerospace).
4. React with a metal salt solution.
Lithium hydroxide can be used as a developer and a lubricating oil for spectral analysis. Adding alkaline battery electrolyte can increase battery capacity by 12%~15% and increase service life by 2~3 times.
It can be used as an absorbent for carbon dioxide to purify the air inside the submarine.
The chemical equation is: 2LiOH(S)+CO2(G)=Li2CO3(S)+H2O(L).
For the production of lithium salt, lithium grease, alkaline battery electrolyte, lithium bromide refrigerator absorption liquid, lithium soap (lithium soap), lithium salt, developer and so on. Or used as analytical reagents; petroleum, chemical, light industry, for the nuclear industry. In an alkaline storage battery, the aluminum content does not exceed 0.06%, and the lead content does not exceed 0.01%. Used as an analytical reagent, photographic developer, also used in the manufacture of lithium; as a raw material for the preparation of lithium compounds. Can also be used in metallurgy, petroleum, glass, ceramics and other industries.
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