Some common applications of SBR latex

Edit:Guangzhou Songbai Chemical Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-05-17

Styrene-butadiene latex is a substance obtained by mixing natural latex with other chemical enhancers. This is also because natural latex itself has variability, so performance is unstable at the time of application. Therefore, in the curtains of the textile industry for a period of time, the rubber layer on the surface of the carboxylated styrene-butadiene latex for SBR latex papermaking changes with time, and the surface exhibits insufficient lubrication.
This is a raw material that contains a large amount of surface active substances, so the latex will automatically adsorb when it is used. After the curtain surface is adsorbed, the fabric SBR latex is no longer combined with the synthetic fiber material and the nylon hydroxyl group, but acts as a barrier. However, when the amount of latex is increased, the viscosity changes greatly.
The effect of styrene-butadiene latex on the quality of curtains. Both consumers and manufacturers must be cleaned repeatedly. Therefore, the stability of the SBR latex itself is well improved after the addition of the butyric acid latex.
It is a polymer composite emulsion formed by emulsion polymerization of C4H6 and C8H8 monomers after adding different chemicals and additives. SBR latex particles are smaller than natural latex, have good dispersibility in the impregnator, and have better mechanical stability than natural latex. They can be mixed with natural latex in any ratio and have good adhesion.
Therefore, its chemical properties are relatively stable. In fact, when used, the fluidity of the ingredients between the materials is relatively large. This also leads to good filling ability, so the SBR latex is easier to form during molding.
When it is compatible with other substances, it is easy to mix, so it saves time when it is manufactured. SBR latex is also used in a wide range of applications. The carboxyl group SBR latex for papermaking can be used not only in the paper industry, but also in the textile, construction and other industries. More suitable as an auxiliary material.
Latex asphalt is a road project specially developed based on the unique properties of modified asphalt and emulsified asphalt. SBR latex is mainly used to prepare various spray-type and agitated modified emulsified asphalt, as well as high-grade pavement and bridge deck pavement. Modification of waterproof engineering materials used in road engineering, such as micro-surfacing, slurry seal, asphalt modification and roofing of adhesive oil, open caverns, etc.