What are the performance advantages of carboxylated styrene-butadiene latex?

Edit:Guangzhou Songbai Chemical Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-05-17

The carboxylated styrene-butadiene latex has the advantages of high bonding strength and adhesion, good water resistance, strong wear resistance, good stability, good fluidity, strong filling ability, good film forming property and high whiteness. Viscosity and stability meet the requirements of high speed blade coating. The paper has good gloss, good printing gloss, high printing surface strength and good ink absorption.
The coating is easy to handle, easy to mix with other coatings, has excellent chemical stability, can be used with high-speed agitator, has good mechanical stability, can be added at high temperature, has good thermal stability, and does not change during use. Beautiful coating: no obvious paint spots, no streaks, no splashes, no improvement in chewing gum quality. High production efficiency: fast coating speed, no pollution to the back roller, no pollution to the calender roll. The coating has strong adhesion. The coated paper is beautiful and elegant, and has the characteristics of high whiteness, high gloss of the original paper, good printing gloss and good smoothness.
Excellent printing adaptability: the coating does not fall off, the surface strength is high, the printing efficiency is high, the printing speed can be increased, the foaming does not occur, and the film can overlap immediately. The ink has good water absorption and adhesion, and achieves a good balance while improving the gas permeability and defoaming performance. The ink has excellent performance, no spots, and the appearance of the printed product is beautiful.
Carboxyl styrene butadiene latex use range:
It is suitable for surface and bottom coating and bonding of decorative paper, wear-resistant paper, medium and high-end coated paper, whiteboard paper, cardboard and other special papers; it can also be used for adhesives, natural latex, white latex, acrylate emulsion, etc.
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