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A wide range of uses for sodium hydroxide, you know a few

Edit:Guangzhou Songbai Chemical Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-05-17

Sodium hydroxide is used in paper, soap, dye, rayon, aluminum, petroleum refining, cotton finishing, coal tar product purification, and food processing, wood processing and machinery industries. Details are as follows:
1, can be used as a chemical experiment. In addition to its use as a reagent, it can also be used as an alkaline desiccant because of its high water absorption and deliquescence. Acid gases can also be absorbed.
2. Sodium hydroxide is one of the important raw materials for the production of polycarbonate, superabsorbent resin, zeolite, epoxy resin, sodium phosphate, sodium sulfite and a large amount of sodium salt.
3. The main component of oils and vegetable oils is triglycerides, and the resulting R-COONA can be used as a soap.
4. Neutral and basic gases are mixed with CO2, which can be used to remove impurities to form Na2CO3 (sodium carbonate) and H2O (formed Na2CO3 dissolved in H2O).
5. Sodium hydroxide plays an important role in the paper industry. Due to its basic nature, it is used in the process of boiling and bleaching paper sheets.
6, sodium hydroxide can be widely used in the following production processes: container cleaning process; starch processing technology; carboxymethyl cellulose preparation process; sodium glutamate production process.
7. Sodium hydroxide is widely used in water treatment. In sewage treatment plants, sodium hydroxide can reduce the hardness of water by neutralization. In the industrial field, it is a regenerant for the regeneration of ion exchange resins. Sodium hydroxide is strongly alkaline and has a relatively high solubility in water.
8. In the textile industry, sodium hydroxide is used for the final treatment and dyeing of fibers. Main use: mercerized rayon.
9. Sodium hydroxide is used to treat bauxite. It contains alumina in bauxite. Alumina is the raw material for the manufacture of aluminum (aluminum is the second most used metal in the world). Sodium hydroxide is also used in the production of zinc alloys and zinc ingots.
10. Sodium hydroxide has been used in traditional life applications. So far, the demand for caustic soda in soaps, soaps and other types of detergents still accounts for about 15% of caustic soda.