Granular sodium hydroxide manufacturers purchase

Granular sodium hydroxide manufacturers purchase
Granular sodium hydroxide manufacturers purchase

Sodium hydroxide

Chemical title: sodium hydroxide

Chemical formula: NaOH

Fulfillment specification: GB/209-2006

Main product indicators:

Test items

regulation grid

Caustic soda 99%

Caustic soda 96%


White granular solid

White granular solid







Na 2 CO 3



Fe 2 O 3



Product Usage:

Pristine petroleum, paper, textile, printing and dyeing, using lime to improve soil, making Panyu, metallurgical industry, converting useful components in ore into soluble sodium salt. In the chemical industry, sodium is used in electrolysis, and caustic soda is used in electrolyzed water. Aluminium hydroxide, making ceramics.

Packing: 25kg/bag.


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